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Adrian Harald van den Broeck

Adrian Harald van den Broeck

I have 11 years of experience in composing, 10 years in digital and analogue audio production, 4 years in sound design for visual media and 6 years of education along with two degrees in the areas. I started out as a guitarist at the age of 11 and started recording my own songs when I was 14. Since then I have been involved with all kinds of projects doing what I love doing.


I believe that border-less wild imagination and an executive mindset is a winner in the today's industry, "just do it!!". Not overthink, not overdo and ruin creative ideas with details and gear which is consuming time and resources. The best creative ideas at least for me, always come from the least expected places at the least expected times. There is a new generation of people who can make just about anything sonically on a crappy laptop and not much else. The studio veterans fear it and they have good reasons to, simply because new digital tools opens creative doors to anyone, making fresh imagination the only limit for audio creation. It is our future.
The idea is key, from there my job is to enhance what you've started.



The art inspires the mix, my job is to enhance your creation.


Band mixing

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I collaborate with composers, programmers, instrumentalists and recording studios in order to bring you the best solutions possible.

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